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Written By Nicole Begley

On September 18, 2017

The title of this post may be a little harsh, but it doesn't make it any less true.  Have you heard of Snappr?  It started in Australia but has now moved to San Francisco, it's the Uber of photography.  They are advertising hand-picked pros showing up at your door in as little as 12 hours and giving you 3 digital files for $59.  Oh, you want ALL of the files from your 30-minute shoot?  That will be $99.

I've said it before and I'll say it again…you can NEVER compete on price.  There is always going to be someone cheaper.  I have a feeling that this company is going to be here to stay, and quite frankly it's a brilliant business model.  They don't have employees.  Like Airbnb and Uber, the company is simply matching a consumer's need to a service provider and taking a cut of the action, even though the action is only $59.

The photography groups have been all up in a tizzy about this new service, “It's going to put photographers out of business.  It's devaluing the industry!”.  I just don't see it that way though.

I forget where I heard this but you can only have 2 of the following three things:  Fast, Good, and/or Cheap.  You can rarely have all three.

Snappr is going after the people in the market that need fast and/or cheap.  They are leaving the market for good wide, wide open.

We are not competing against the $59 photo session.

There are ALWAYS people in our market looking for service and quality.  My question to you is, “What are you doing in your business TODAY to stand out from the crowd and create and experience for your clients?

You don't have an option – if you want to run a successful boutique business you must stand apart from the crowd.

What products are you offering that your clients can't create on their own?  How are you improving your craft to offer quality work that is beyond compare to shoot and burners everywhere?

This is not the downfall of an industry…this is a call to action.  

It's a call for you to take your craft and business practices to a new level.

A level that isn't crowded with cheap photographers.

A level in which clients appreciate your service.

A level in which you are creating art and an unparalleled experience.  

Shameless plug, need help getting to that level – that's what the Hair of the Dog Academy is for.  🙂



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Nicole Begley

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  1. Holly Montgomery

    Oh geez, I don’t know who would WANT to work for that small amount of money! I am not worried either, because the marketplace here is already crowed with photographers at that price point. So, not much will change should they decide to make their way to Canada! Time to up my prices again!

  2. Holly Montgomery


    • Siddharth

      There’s a nice wooded walk near where I live. I often go there with my 8-year-old Golden Retriever. I see hoards of photographers with fancy lenses, reflectors, lighting gear and what not. I don’t know their prices, but I’m guessing with the ‘surge of a DSLR photographer’ many of them are trying to compete on price. What gives me comfort – devil’s joy should I say – is when there is so much competition, many of them are bound to make mistakes on the service front. Only the ones who are truly the best at their craft AND business will stay in the business for long. I intend to be one of those.

      By the way, in many places Uber isn’t cheap. Providing safety and good service comes at a cost after all.

  3. John MUIR

    I wholeheartedly agree . Well written .


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