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Author Recent Posts Nicole BegleyNicole Begley, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, is a zoological animal trainer turned pet photographer and educator. She created Hair of the Dog in 2012 to empower pet photographers to turn their dreams into reality by helping them improve their craft and grow their pet photography business.Nicole has authored a book “Pet and Equine […]

Written By Nicole Begley

On May 3, 2018
I hear it all of the time…

  • “I don't have enough clients.”
  • “My calendar is empty.”
  • “I keep posting on Instagram, but I don't have any inquiries.”

I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is NO SINGLE thing that you can do to magically fill your calendar.  There is no secret marketing strategy that will bring enough qualified clients to your door.  Successful marketing is the culmination of ALL of the things…ALL of the marketing strategies.

If you are overwhelmed and you don't know where to start with marketing your business, start here.  Results come from two things – Leads and Sales.  If you put some effort into one of these two buckets each and every day…your calendar will be full (as well as your bank account) in no time.  I'm sharing specific strategies in this video below.

Not sure if your sales are profitable?   Grab our free masterclass to price your photography according to your goals and your business costs!

Looking for some more pricing training?  Forget what every other pet photographer is charging -- the best thing you can do for your business is set your prices based on YOUR business and YOUR goals. It’s time to stop following the pack and let your rates lead you to a sustainable business!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The #1 thing you need to know BEFORE setting your prices
  • My simple formula to set up your pricing structure for success 
  • How to increase your prices without losing customers

Oh, and did I mention this is a free training?  Grab it below.

Nicole Begley

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  1. Linda Cobarrubias

    Hi Nicole – how about having items like water bottles with your logo – for example, sitting at Starbucks and having it prominently shown as you are sitting there? I saw them at Shutterfest and loved the quality. Isn’t that getting exposure? Also I created magnets for my car which have my logo and contact info on. Just got them so not sure how good they will work.

    • Nicole

      Yes, those are good for awareness and exposure…they aren’t directly contributing to leads or sales. While it doesn’t hurt to do them, that doesn’t count as your “leads or sales activity for the day”. 😉

  2. Melissa

    Great tips! Thank you.

  3. Julie Ireland

    This was wonderful…we all need good, solid reminders such as those you gave us. Thank you! I am new to an area and would love a video about starting a business…I’ve been doing photography for many years but am feeling a little lost and overwhelmed in a new town where there are long-established photographers (tho none of them exclusively shoot pets).

    Have a great weekend and thanks again!

  4. Terri

    Great information – thank you!
    Do you have some tips for collaborating with a small local business? I’m wondering what I may offer to them in exchange for some photography promotions


    • Nicole

      You have to chat with them to find out how you can help them. Each business may be different. For making initial contact, check out this post…

  5. Emma

    Great video Nicole! Really shifted my mindset about getting my business off it’s butt and moving forward :). Thank you for this, it’s helped me a great deal!

    • Nicole

      Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to let me know Emma! 🙂


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