When Can I Start Charging?

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Written By Nicole Begley

On July 19, 2018
Money.  It’s a charged subject.  Our culture makes talking about it taboo, and that’s really a shame because that just reinforces whatever money mindset issues we have lurking in our subconscious mind.  

These can be things that your parents said to you growing up…
“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
“Money is the root of all evil.”
“Easy come, easy go.”
“We can’t afford it.”

There are so many things that affect our money mindset, and most we aren’t even aware of.  What you can be aware of is how money makes you feel.  Do you feel uncomfortable when talking about money?  What about when offering your services for hire?  

If you have hesitation and an uneasy internal feeling when thinking about asking for money for your photography services, it will be very challenging to come out of the gate in your photography business charging thousands of dollars.  Your subconscious mind simply won’t allow it and you will end up self-sabotaging all that you are trying to work for.  

While I want every single one of you to create a profitable pet photography business in which you are paid well for your time, sometimes you need to start where you are.  

This conversation that I recently had with Heather Lahtinen from the Flourish Academy (and resident editing ninja here at Hair of the Dog) is for those of you who want to start charging but are scared to start, don’t know where to start, or have some mindset blocks that are preventing you from putting yourself out there at a higher price.  

My hope for you is that after watching this video, you get started.  Right where you are.  Gain some confidence and see where you can go from there.

Looking for some more pricing training?  Forget what every other pet photographer is charging -- the best thing you can do for your business is set your prices based on YOUR business and YOUR goals. It’s time to stop following the pack and let your rates lead you to a sustainable business!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The #1 thing you need to know BEFORE setting your prices
  • My simple formula to set up your pricing structure for success 
  • How to increase your prices without losing customers

Oh, and did I mention this is a free training?  Grab it below.

Nicole Begley

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  1. Susan

    Thanks , love you guys ! Working on your Lightroom course everyday and hope to get you business course in October. The way I push myself to practice is I set a goal for myself to take photos everyday! Did it in June and now I’m doing it for July. My 3 dogs are so sick of me now , so I have resorted to taking photos of Guinea Pigs and Ducks ! But it all helps ❤️

    • Nicole

      haha! Love that! No animal is safe. 😉

  2. sunny

    Hard to hear, but great info. Was there a link from Heather? I think I missed it. Thanks so much!

  3. Julianne Carlson

    Thank You Nichole and Heather! You ladies are rock stars!
    Your enthusiasm and style are infectious, this video was just the little pick me up I needed today!
    Your courses are beyond helpful and I have enjoyed every minute I have worked on them.

    • Nicole

      Thank you Julianne!


    I am SO happy I watched this! Exactly where I am at and how I feel. I just had a friend offer to pay me when I asked to practice on her dog and I said no 🙁

    You gave me the confidence I need to keep at this!

    • Nicole

      Yes! You can do it! Just think about times that you were HAPPY to pay for something that you valued. We need to let people do that for us!

  5. Natalia Brochini

    Wow! That´s exactly what I needed to hear. Get out there and shoot, shoot, shoot, after tons of Youtube videos, degree, courses, etc. Thank you, girls 🙂

    • Nicole

      🙂 You are welcome.


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