Removing Green Color Casts

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Written By Nicole Begley

On July 26, 2018
It’s summer and pet photographers everywhere are cursing the green color cast that is showing up on the white fur of the dogs they are photographing.  Luckily, there is a super quick and easy fix….

Nicole Begley

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  1. CJ Barker

    What is the purpose of duplicating the background layer? Since a hue/sat adjustment layer was used, and it comes with the mask to paint the adjustment only where you want it, I was confused by duplicating the background layer when nothing was done to it. Doesn’t that just add to your file size?

    • Nicole

      Hi CJ, sorry for the super late reply!!! I like to have the adjustment layer as an insurance policy of sorts. If I totally screw it up I can just delete it and my file is still complete below. I don’t worry about file size as I flatten as soon as I do what I need to do and just save as a jpg. I’m not touching these files again after I edit them the first time.

  2. Margarita

    Nicole, thank you SO much for this video – I’ve been struggling for a week and was ready to give up and let my dogs stay green forever… You saved them and my sanity 🙂


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