Breaking Down Money Blocks

Author Recent Posts Nicole BegleyNicole Begley, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, is a zoological animal trainer turned pet photographer and educator. She created Hair of the Dog in 2012 to empower pet photographers to turn their dreams into reality by helping them improve their craft and grow their pet photography business.Nicole has authored a book “Pet and Equine […]

Written By Nicole Begley

On November 8, 2018
What money sayings do you catch yourself saying regularly?  

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
“You’ve got to work harder to make more.”
“You can’t be successful without sacrifice.”
“Rich people are greedy.”

We all have them, whether conscious or subconscious – money blocks – beliefs on how money works and what it means to earn money.

Beliefs are simply a story that we tell ourselves to be true – and our cognitive bias will often only let our brain see areas that match the belief we are telling ourself – while not noticing all of the evidence that goes against our held belief.

Where is the mental space that you retreat to when you receive comments such as “you are priced too high”?  When someone tells you that, what stories do YOU tell yourself about that.  Do you go to a place of – yep, they are right.  I’m so not worth it?  Or do you simply say, no worries – pet photography simply isn’t their priority at this time.  

I’m talking about money blocks and what YOU can do to help rewrite yours.  I’m sharing a few very simple exercises that you can try now…that will open your mindset up to more abundance.  Enjoy.


Looking for some more pricing training?  Forget what every other pet photographer is charging -- the best thing you can do for your business is set your prices based on YOUR business and YOUR goals. It’s time to stop following the pack and let your rates lead you to a sustainable business!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The #1 thing you need to know BEFORE setting your prices
  • My simple formula to set up your pricing structure for success 
  • How to increase your prices without losing customers

Oh, and did I mention this is a free training?  Grab it below.

Nicole Begley

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  1. Di Keough

    Great stuff! Thanks Nicole. My upgrade was a new paddle board 🙂

    • Nicole

      Yes!! That is awesome!!

  2. Lona Walburn | Retoucher

    Terrific pep talk! Always good to be reminded of this. I think I’ll make a pumpkin pie for myself to eat all week for breakfast.

    • Nicole

      Yes! ….and pumpkin is healthy – so pumpkin pie is darn near health food! 😉


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