Photographing Dogs in the Snow

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Written By Nicole Begley

On January 10, 2019
Shooting in a winter wonderland is usually high on the pet photography bucket list – and for many of us in the northern hemisphere – the chances to do so are just getting started.  

Shooting in the snow is an entirely different animal than photographing under “normal” conditions.  Not only do you need to take some special considerations for your gear, and your fingers, but you also may find that it takes some special techniques to photograph in the snow.

For instance, what do you do when the snow is falling and the white flakes try to capture focus and steal the show?  Also, how to capture and edit your snow photographs so that the snow looks white and not blue or blown out?  

I’m sharing all of my snow shooting secrets in today’s video.  Enjoy!  



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  1. Keith

    I think if the whites/highlights get too close to blow out, when saving as jpg, for photo labels and social media, etc, I believe that is when I’ve seen detail disappear. Bring the white down but not too much that it takes on a grayness. Could also selectively in LR or PS adjust the whites/highlights to bring back detail on just specific spots.

  2. Angela

    You’re the second person this week to remind me to use my grey card!


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