Top 10 Hair of the Dog Podcast Episodes for 2021

Check out our Hair of the Dog Podcast Top 10 episodes for 2021!

Written By Nicole Begley

On December 30, 2021

Check out our Hair of the Dog Podcast Top 10 episodes for 2021!

#1 – EP. 51: The Best Gear for Pet Photography with Charlotte Reeves

Turns out, returning guest Charlotte Reeves and I have a *lot* of thoughts when it comes to camera gear! Join our lively conversation and get the lowdown on the latest gear options, plus stories about scammers, soggy dogs and my enormous man-hands.


#2 – EP. 75: Managing your Mind with Jessica McGovern

Award-winning dog photographer Jessica McGovern is no stranger to depression and self-doubt. Our conversation in this episode is remarkably funny, given the topic at hand. Jessica has some deep wisdom and actionable strategies to share.


#3 – EP. 55: Photography with Purpose with Travis Patenaude

Travis Patenaude’s “why” is as clear and powerful as that of any pet photographer I’ve met. This week, Travis shares not only what motivates his pet photography work, but also how he went from absolute beginner to masterful artist.


#4 – EP. 97: Getting Started with Off-Camera Flash with Kim Hartz

In this episode, Elevate and Academy coach Kim Hartz joins me to demystify what is, for many photographers, an intimidating topic. We share the 3 simple steps to using a speedlight or strobe outdoors, discuss modifiers and mental blocks, and—we hope—leave you excited to start playing with off-camera flash.


#5 – EP. 65: The Power of Color and Why with J.Nichole Smith

This week my guest is J. Nichole Smith (Nic, for short) who specializes in what she calls “whyfinding.” Drawing on her past experience as both a pet photographer and retail brand co-founder, along with lessons from a marketing master's degree, Nic helps entrepreneurs uncover their true purpose and transform their gifts into successful brands—in both the pet space and beyond.


#6 – EP. 56: 8 Steps to the Sales Process

In this episode, I'm flying solo, taking you through the various steps of a successful sales process.  Think of it like this: You need to plant the seed, water and tend the seed, harvest the fruit and—bonus!—make yummy preserves to enjoy down the road.


#7 – EP. 50: Moving from Digital Files to Product Sales with nPhoto

In this episode, I share one of my favorite business analogies: When you only offer digital files to your photography clients, it's like a baker selling a wedding cake but telling the harried couple to go ice it themselves.  Even if you're handy with a Wilton buttercream, you'll get something out of my conversation with Eugene Nagaweicki of nPhoto professional print lab. Together we talk about the whys, whats and hows of moving from digitals-only to a product-based photography business.


#8 – EP. 47: Feeling the Fear with Dorie Howell

In this episode, Dorie Howell of In-Person Sales Mastermind joins me to talk about tackling fear, doubt, discomfort and indecision—the four horsemen that, if left unchecked, can stomp unceremoniously all over your business.


#9 – EP. 59: The SEO Mistakes Most Photographers Make with Alex Vita

Alex Vita of Foreground Web has been building websites exclusively for photographers for the past 13 years. And in that time, he's seen a lot of change. But the one constant—something that's about to get even more important with Google's upcoming algorithm change—is the need to write for actual human beings, not an army of bots.

In this episode, Alex joins me to talk about the common website and SEO mistakes photographers make, and how YOU can avoid them.


#10 – EP. 61: Selling Artwork to Businesses with Michael Puck

Photographer Michael Puck feels deeply indebted to the dog who saved his life. And his ambitious pay-it-forward plans, combined with decades of experience as a “people scientist,” have led to a dramatically different—but wildly successful—pet photography business model. What's more, he's inviting you, dear listener, to try it out for yourself.

Ready to connect with pet photographers from around the globe in the first of its kind PRIVATE online community? Did I mention that it's free!?!?

Nicole Begley

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