Why We Do What We Do And Why Our Pet Photography Business is a Long Game

Nicole shares the lessons she learned from a recent message she received from a client.

Written By Nicole Begley

On January 13, 2022
This is an excerpt from Nicole and Heather's conversation for the Hair of the Dog Podcast Episode # 123 – Money Trigger SOS with Heather Lahtinen. Listen to the full episode HERE.


Nicole: I got this message the other day from a client I had five years ago that their dog passed away.  It was about a year ago and she's like,

‘Oh, it's just taken me this long to kind of get over and like to start to look at that photo again. But now that I am..
It means the world to me.

I'm like, ‘This is why we do this.'

And it's a long game, too.

The other lesson from that client is I had met them when I first started my business at like an event in Hartwood Acres. So like some little whatever community event. And then five years later they had their session.

And now five years after that, they're coming back to me saying how much they just like value everything about it.

So you guys, this is a long game, right?

Curious to know Heather's money trigger from this episode? FULL EPISODE BELOW: 

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Nicole Begley

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