What Pet Photographers Who are Crushing it All Have in Common

Find out here what successful pet photographers have in common.

Written By Nicole Begley

On January 20, 2022
This is an excerpt from the Hair of the Dog Podcast Episode # 124 – Why $15 Digital Files Won't Destroy your Business. Listen to the full episode HERE.

Nicole: Every time I talk to a pet photographer that is crushing it, do you know what they have in common? They have in common that:

They are out in their market…

That they know people

That they network with people.

‘Wait, Nicole. I just moved. I don't know anyone in my market.'

That's fine. That doesn't mean they always knew all the people. That means they get out from behind their computer. They go out into the world and they actually talk to other humans.

And that is the secret of finding the people that value what we do. I promise that it's a long game.

It's a long game, but it is a game that we can win. It just requires consistency. It requires showing up. It requires sharing this value and it requires getting out from behind our computer.

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