ICYMI: January 2022 Monthly HOD Podcast Roundup

Check out all the Hair of the Dog podcast episodes we released for January 2022! 

Written By Nicole Begley

On February 5, 2022

Missed an episode from last month? We've compiled them here for easier access!

Check out all the Hair of the Dog podcast episodes we released for January 2022!

1. New Year Planning with Heather Lahtinen

Ep. 122 – Forget the classic Andy Williams Christmas song. This, right now, is the most wonderful time of the year! A new year, a fresh Trello board, resolutions unsullied by the siren song of Crumbl Cookies—there's nothing better than January's promise and potential!!

And in this episode, Heather and I discuss how to make the most of the opportunity. Now's the time to set yourself up for success, but you need to be intentional with your annual-planning process. Join us this week to find out how.

Listen to the full episode


2. Money Trigger SOS with Heather Lahtinen

Ep. 123 – In this episode, Heather's in a prison of her own making, and I attempt to help with her jailbreak. The topic of discussion is a $35,000 Hermès purse, but the implications go far beyond that.

Join us for an emotion-packed episode on judgment, shame spirals, and why 2022 Heather is having a good laugh at 2018 Heather's expense.

Listen to the full episode


3. Why $15 Digital Files Won't Destroy your Business

Ep. 124 – A photographer's truism: There's always going to be someone cheaper.

With the new year just underway, you might be revisiting your pricing or making changes to the way you do business. This short episode is your reminder to not freak out if there are cheaper pet photographers in your market! Choose your business model with intention, be strategic, be visible, offer value, and guess what? You'll find success.

Listen to the full episode


4. TBT – Easy Accounting with Candus Kampfer

125 – A throwback Thursday episode – we are going way back in the archives to episode number 31, Easy Accounting with Candus Kampfer.

Do you, dear pet photographer, get that panic-stricken look when the subject of accounting comes up? Does your bookkeeping process involve stuffing receipts into a battered shoebox? If so, this high-energy episode is for you!

QuickBooks specialist Candus Kampfer joins me in this week's episode to take the fear out of finances, and to show you why you really, really want to get a handle on your books. We nerd out over numbers and give you the info you need to get started—or to refine your existing systems.

Listen to the full episode


5.Your Path to More Income with Erinn Bridgman

126 – As a money management and mindset coach, Erinn Bridgman works with female entrepreneurs to not only design profitable businesses, but to actually grow their personal wealth. And this week on the show, Erinn joins me to talk about what photographers (of any and all genders!) should be doing to get their financial pups in a row.

Listen to the full episode


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