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Podcast Episode Number: #065

Date Published: 05/04/2021

Episode Length: 50:04

Show Notes:

065 – This week my guest is J. Nichole Smith (Nic, for short) who specializes in what she calls “whyfinding.” Drawing on her past experience as both a pet photographer and retail brand co-founder, along with lessons from a marketing master's degree, Nic helps entrepreneurs uncover their true purpose and transform their gifts into successful brands—in both the pet space and beyond.

She's also spent a lifetime obsessed with color, of all things. Our conversation flows from conscious capitalism to applied color psychology to discovering your “legacy work.” It's a meaty one this week!

What To Listen For:

  • The surprising source of most people's deeper purpose
  • What you're actually selling as an entrepreneur (hint: it's not pet photos)
  • How your business succeeds or fails in just 8-15 seconds
  • What to do about the mixed messages your website is probably sending
  • The 3 most important elements for creating an instant emotional connection
  • How to determine your brand's color personality…and why it matters

Plus, hear it here first, folks: In this episode, I reveal the incredibly exciting new direction of my own life's purpose!!

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