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Podcast Episode Number: *056

Date Published: 03/09/2021

Episode Length: 22:52

Show Notes:

056 – In this week's episode I'm flying solo, taking you through the various steps of a successful sales process.

Think of it like this: You need to plant the seed, water and tend the seed, harvest the fruit and—bonus!—make yummy preserves to enjoy down the road. This analogy, of course, assumes that you think fruit preserves are yummy, when we all know that fruit anything is disgusting!!! (No? Just me??)

Anyway, tune in this week for an eight-part recipe for stronger sales!

What To Listen For:

  • What your website needs to sell (hint: it's not photography)
  • One critical question to ask clients during the inquiry process
  • The magic phrase that taps into our universal human desire
  • Where and when the sale is actually made…
  • …and how to avoid awkward sales-session conversations

You'll also want to watch my juicy 3-part video series on pet photography sales sessions. In it, I bust some common myths about in-person sales, walk you through what an actual appointment looks like, and talk about how to address any objections. Link below!

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