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Podcast Episode Number: #058

Date Published: 03/23/2021

Episode Length: 36:33

Show Notes:

058 – This week it's another free therapy session podcast episode with the ever-popular Heather Lahtinen. In this episode, we talk about the fear of selling your work and how to overcome it. After validating all your anxieties and fearful thoughts, Heather whips out her sledgehammer and smashes your excuses to bits. I hope they weren't too precious!

Join us as we reframe the idea of sales, work through some possible scenarios, and leave you ready to lift the profit ceiling in your business.

What To Listen For:

  • Why keeping the “potato” for yourself is anything but selfish
  • The common reasons people avoid in-person sales (these might sound familiar!)
  • How your lofty vision as an artist works against you
  • Assessing the energy behind your offer, and why it matters
  • How much is a regulated nervous system worth, anyway? 🤔
  • The all-or-nothing thinking you need to banish

And with this episode, we're at the end of our 3-part series on sales…though I'm sure we'll revisit the topic again down the road. In the meantime, if you haven't already, check out my 3-part video series for more guidance on pet photography sales sessions. Link below!

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