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Podcast Episode Number: #087

Date Published: 07/20/2021

Episode Length: 18:12

Show Notes:

087 – When it comes to mapping out your workflow, think of it as an investment of time and brainpower that your future self will effusively thank you for. Because once you have your workflow mapped and the pieces in place, you won't need to reinvent the wheel every time a potential new client appears. Stress drops significantly; scaling your business becomes possible.

And while it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of automation, in this episode I share specifics of the very analog system that served me well for years. No need to get fancy—you just need to get this done!

What to Listen For:

  • What I mean by workflow, and why you need to map one out
  • The 3 distinct parts of the process (and the easiest place to start)
  • How to use the “magazine rack” CRM system
  • The single most forgotten step at the end of your process
  • Why you'll want to recruit an “inquiry buddy”
  • …And an exciting new course coming to the HOD Academy!!

Trust me when I say this: Future You really, really wants Present You to make this a priority!

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