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Podcast Episode Number: #44

Date Published: 12/15/2020

Episode Length: 58:27

Show Notes:

This week, I welcome back my business-bestie and fellow Hair of the Dog coach, Heather Lahtinen. As always when Heather's on the podcast, it's a lively episode that encourages you to ask yourself big questions. This time we're talking about what determines whether or not you'll succeed as a pet photographer—no big deal, right? 😉

What To Listen For:

  • The enormous difference between being interested and being committed
  • Why you should factor hedonic adaptation into your business plans
  • Deep thoughts on the topic of comfort, from someone who regularly chooses misery
  • What's going to save you when—not if, but when—the going gets hard
  • The excuse Heather will eviscerate, if you ever try it with her 🙂

If after listening to this episode you're ready to double-down on your commitment to growing your pet photography biz, head over to the Hair of the Dog Elevate application. Enrollment is open for just a few more days—and there's no better place for getting the support you need to build the business you want.

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