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Podcast Episode Number: #33

Date Published: 09/29/2020

Episode Length: 40:30

Show Notes:

Being a pet photographer can be a lonely business, working from home at something your friends and family might not understand. Creating connections with others in the industry offers both a source of inspiration, and a path to feeling less isolated.

This week, I welcome Seattle pet photographers Holly Cook and returning guest Marika Moffitt, who've joined forces to prove that the benefits of community outweigh any thoughts of competition. Their shared passion for pets has led not only to collaborative projects, but also to a deep, fur-filled friendship.

What To Listen For:

  • Why the fear of “competition” learning your secrets is misguided
  • How to approach connections from a place of abundance
  • What sort of work Marika and Holly are creating together
  • The responsibility experienced pet photographers have to the industry
  • What it means for your community at large when you come together

Listen 'til the end for Marika's call to action, a hot tip on finding the dessert you didn't know you needed, and an exciting (if slightly premature!) announcement-slash-yet another great reason to join the Hair of the Dog Academy!

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