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Podcast Episode Number: #062

Date Published: 04/20/2021

Episode Length: 34:11

Show Notes:

062 – It's a rare client who feels fully confident ordering large wall art. More often, clients struggle to visualize how artwork will fit into their home. They're counting on you to be the expert for all phases of their pet photography experience—and that includes the design component.

This week, Sally Soricelli of Nestorations Interior Design joins me to help build your confidence around creating and choosing the perfect artwork for your clients' homes. The more you hone your interior design chops, the better the advice you'll be able to give—and the happier your clients will be with their purchase!

What To Listen For:

  • Some old-school tools to put your clients' minds at ease
  • The magic couch-to-artwork ratio, and other numbers you need to know
  • What design conversations to have before you plan your photo sessions
  • The 3 pieces that form a visual triangle—and how your products can play a role
  • Decorating trends to keep in mind for 2021

Sally also created a free art-hanging guide to help boost your confidence. Find the link in the resource list below!

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