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Podcast Episode Number: 31

Date Published: 09/15/2020

Episode Length: 41:36

Show Notes:

Do you, dear pet photographer, get that panic-stricken look when the subject of accounting comes up? Does your bookkeeping process involve stuffing receipts into a battered shoebox? If so, this high-energy episode is for you!

QuickBooks specialist Candus Kampfer joins me in this week's episode to take the fear out of finances, and to show you why you really, really want to get a handle on your books. We nerd out over numbers and give you the info you need to get started—or to refine your existing systems.

What To Listen For:

  • A common mistake photographers make when they start tracking income
  • How to discover your “bread and butter” — and grow your business
  • Different ways of creating and organizing simple accounting spreadsheets
  • How to avoid burnout—and celebrate your hard work!
  • A handy tax trick that won't land you in the slammer

Skeptical that talking taxes can be fun? Join me and Candus as we demystify the bookkeeping process, and I promise you'll end the episode fired up to tackle your finances. Your business will thank you!



  • If you would like to learn more about QuickBooks, join her free QuickBooks workshop HERE.
  • To access the excel spreadsheet Candus put together to track your income and expenses, click HERE.
  • To try out QuickBooks Online, use this link and receive 50% off your first 12 months

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