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Podcast Episode Number: #060

Date Published: 04/06/2021

Episode Length: 52:34

Show Notes:

060 – Even if you're an experienced pet photographer, commercial animal photography is a whole different beast. This week I'm reviving an info-rich Facebook Live conversation from 2018 with Jamie Piper, the OG of commercial animal work.

If you've been curious about shooting for businesses—and doing it the right way—this is a must-listen. Jamie drops plenty of truth bombs (plus a few well-timed swears) learned over her 17 years as a commercial photographer.

What To Listen For:

  • How to start building a compelling commercial portfolio
  • Who you need on your team to be successful in the commercial world
  • The four elements your image licensing agreements need to define
  • Why Jamie chooses WeTransfer over Dropbox for image-file sharing
  • The trouble with boutique animal-focused stock sites
  • A money-making opportunity that's still wide open

If our conversation leaves you hungry for more, you'll want to pick up Jamie's comprehensive, no-BS guide to succeeding in the dog-eat-dog world of commercial work. And through April 12th, you'll save 20% with the discount code hod20apr21.

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