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Podcast Episode Number: #040

Date Published: 11/17/2020

Episode Length: 58:23

Show Notes:

If you've been around Hair of the Dog for a while, you've probably heard me beat the drum for leads and sales. Leads and sales. The most critical things you can focus on in your business!

But…how do you actually move a prospect from the “lead” column to a done-deal sale? Successfully navigating the inquiry process is the first big step. This week, you'll hear back-to-back conversations with Elevate coaches Kim Hartz and Marika Moffitt, on bridging that gap between getting the lead and actually booking the session.

What To Listen For:

  • Nicole's favorite phrase to use during client communication
  • How to handle the inquiry process during these strange COVID times
  • Ideas for your inquiry questionnaire (and how to leverage the responses you get)
  • Why you should never explain your prices—no, seriously
  • The oversized importance of getting an itty-bitty commitment

Kim and Marika have different approaches to the inquiry process, and you'll benefit from hearing both of them share their carefully refined systems. Get ready to take some notes!

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