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Podcast Episode Number: #017

Date Published: 06/09/2020

Episode Length: 50:47

Show Notes:

If you've been in the pet photography world for any length of time, you're no doubt familiar with the amazing Charlotte Reeves, an award-winning dog photographer and educator based in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

A master of working with natural light, Charlotte joins me in this week's episode to talk about choosing session locations, making the most out of them, and why we'll all want to move to Queensland after listening to this episode. (Kidding! You won't need to, cause you'll learn to uncover amazing locations right in your own backyard.)

What To Listen For:

  • How where you live affects your shooting style
  • Tips for discovering awesome new photography locations in your market
  • The importance of a location guide in helping clients understand what to expect
  • How much variety you need in a location, and how to make the most of what's there
  • An exercise to stretch your creative muscles and work on shooting more variety

Episode bonus: Through the end of June, Charlotte's fantastic Working with Natural Light foundation course is available for Hair of the Dog listeners at half price! Use the code HODpodcast to save yourself fifty bucks, and learn the fundamentals of light that will elevate your work and guide your session flow.

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