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Podcast Episode Number: #075

Date Published: 06/08/2021

Episode Length: 1:17:06

Show Notes:

075 – Becoming an entrepreneur is guaranteed to throw lighter fluid onto your personal growth journey. When you're running a personal brand, it's no surprise that everything feels so…personal. And it's easy to get knocked off course emotionally, as many of us discovered this past year.

Award-winning dog photographer Jessica McGovern is no stranger to depression and self-doubt. Our conversation this week is remarkably funny, given the topic at hand. Jessica has some deep wisdom and actionable strategies to share—along with a brilliant (if tongue-in-cheek) idea for a new Hair of the Dog training course.

What To Listen For:

  • Why social media can be especially torturous for photographers
  • How to handle perfectionism and pre-session anxiety
  • A system for critically assessing your own work (without being overly self-critical)
  • What successful pet photographers have in common
  • The surprising stats on photographers' mental health
  • What you'd find in Jessica's scrapbook—and why she includes it

If you've struggled with mindset and mental health issues, this episode will help you feel less alone. Tune in, take notes, and take a few deep breaths for good measure.

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