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Podcast Episode Number: #073

Date Published: 06/01/2021

Episode Length: 51:39

Show Notes:

073 – Julie Christie wants you to get over yourself already. But delivered with a laugh and in her lilting Scottish brogue, it's obviously meant as encouragement, not insult.

Julie's the marketing whiz behind Togs in Business. She joins me this week to talk about creating a magnetic Instagram content strategy—which includes setting aside your self-consciousness and making yourself more visible. Some of her suggestions will feel like a relief, and others will catch you by surprise. (The Big Cull?!? 😳)

What To Listen For:

  • Permission to ditch this stressful Instagram strategy…
  • …and the (uncomfortable?) thing you need to be sharing
  • Tricks for turning the algorithm into your new bff
  • The metric that matters most these days in your IG analytics
  • A rule-breaking experiment to try with your posts
  • What to do with your “moneymaker” link (other than shake it, obvi)

If you've felt frustrated by Instagram, or at a loss for how to leverage its power, you'll love the clear and actionable ideas in this week's episode!

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