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Podcast Episode Number: #018

Date Published: 06/16/2020

Episode Length: 43:45

Show Notes:

Today's episode brings back Elevate coach and personal development superstar Heather Lahtinen, who you might remember from our convo a few months ago about gaining confidence. Hooooboy, that one must've touched a nerve, because it's our most popular podcast episode to date!

This week's discussion is even juicier, I dare say. Heather and I go deep into living from a place of action instead of reaction, the power of the subconscious mind, how to live a life of purpose and positive impact, and all sorts of fantastic life hacks to help you unleash your potential—even in chaotic times. The “woo-woo” factor in this episode is high, which is a sorry/not sorry sort of thing. Buckle up!

What To Listen For:

  • What it means to work from the inside out, rather than the outside in
  • How to ask yourself questions that empower rather than self-sabotage
  • How the Law of Believability affects our sense of what's possible
  • Three habits to build into your life to maximize your potential
  • The twist that makes daily affirmations an even more powerful practice

For anyone feeling distracted or out of sorts lately, or like you aren't yet living your best life (I think that covers all of us?), tune in and try out some of the suggestions from this meaty episode!

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