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Podcast Episode Number: #050

Date Published: 01/26/2021

Episode Length: 47:10

Show Notes:

050 – In this week's episode, I share one of my favorite business analogies: When you only offer digital files to your photography clients, it's like a baker selling a wedding cake but telling the harried couple to go ice it themselves.

Even if you're handy with a Wilton buttercream, you'll get something out of my conversation with Eugene Nagaweicki of nPhoto professional print lab. Together we talk about the whys, whats and hows of moving from digitals-only to a product-based photography business.

What To Listen For:

  • Why you want to sell clients on the “heated seats”
  • A misconception people have about digital files
  • The danger to your reputation that comes with selling digitals
  • Eugene's insight on the consistently best-selling products
  • How to avoid leading your clients into this common pitfall

Eugene also has a rockin' deal on product samples for our podcast listeners—tune in for details!

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