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Podcast Episode Number: #071

Date Published: 05/25/2021

Episode Length: 24:59

Show Notes:

071 – Overwhelm. It's that mind-racing, waves-crashing-over-you feeling that we're all familiar with. If you're not careful, overwhelm can lead to a state of paralysis, which in turn kicks off a shame spiral. And then you're really in the muck. 😳

So this week's podcast is about recognizing the signs of overwhelm, mindfully assessing the situation, and making a plan for moving forward. Because while overwhelm arises for ALL of us on occasion, staying in a state of overwhelm is a choice—not an inevitability!

What To Listen For:

  • Why we're attached to being “busy”
  • The ingredients of overwhelm (and what's missing from the equation)
  • What to ask yourself when you're feeling overwhelmed
  • Shifting the way you view your to-do list
  • How to find your top priority, and what to do once it's clear

You'll also hear about my favorite new tool for circumventing overwhelm: the Project Tracker spreadsheet. (You knew it would involve spreadsheets, didn't you?!)

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