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Podcast Episode Number: #052

Date Published: 02/09/2021

Episode Length: 49:10

Show Notes:

052 – This week's guest is pet photographer Lisa Asp, a self-described print competition addict. Lisa started out behind the camera in a Sears Portrait Studio, and went digital back before Photoshop thought to introduce layers. These days, she's director of Animal Image Makers—you might know them from their fantastic annual conference—and also the recent winner of a Grand Imaging Award at this year's Imaging USA 2021!!!

Our conversation this week covers the whats, whys and hows of print competition, and—we hope—will leave you excited to dip your toes into the print comp waters. I promise, you won't drown!

What To Listen For:

  • How to get started with print competitions—and why you should get started!
  • The pitfalls of entering images of your own pet, no matter how cute
  • The difference between “merit” and “loan,” and other lingo demystified
  • AIM's awesome new category this year (I can't wait to see the entries!)
  • How to become an accredited professional of animal imagery

But wait…there's more! Lisa put together a lil' guide to accompany this episode, called “Top 5 Tricks for Kicking Ass in Print Competition.” To get it, text HOTD to (844) 738-8647. Spoiler alert: It might come with a super-sneaky special bonus discount on AIM registration, just for Hair of the Dog listeners like you. 😉

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