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Podcast Episode Number: #057

Date Published: 03/16/2021

Episode Length: 28:13

Show Notes:

057 – This week I cover the seven most common obstacles and objections you'll face when selling your work. Not just what they are, obviously—I wouldn't leave you hanging like that!—but also how to address them (or prevent them from arising in the first place).

From sizing woes to reluctant spouses, you'll learn how to handle it all in this episode!

What To Listen For:

  • The strategic shift that saves you from entering the “crazy-spiral”
  • How a cheap craft-store item can earn you more money
  • What you should invest in with every sale you make
  • A strategy to prevent buyers' remorse among your clients
  • The non-negotiable step before I ever share an online gallery

Don't forget to check out the 3-part video series on pet photography sales sessions. In it, I bust some common myths about in-person sales, walk you through what an actual appointment looks like, and go in-depth about addressing objections (that's in part 3). Link below!

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