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Podcast Episode Number: #042

Date Published: 12/01/2020

Episode Length: 1:08:38

Show Notes:

You've seen her as the ‘Pupparazzi' on Nat Geo WILD. You've drooled over her signature, sapphire-sky pet portraits. Your coffee table might even be adorned with her brand-new book, Dogtography.

And now it's time to buckle up, because this week's episode features a mile-a-minute conversation with my dear friend, the inimitable Kaylee Greer. You'll hear all about her journey from self-described lost soul to (my words here!) pet photography's ultimate rock star.

What To Listen For:

  • How she found her passion at the ripe “old” age of 24
  • The fortuitous timing of Kaylee's storytelling debut
  • What the devil on her shoulder constantly whispers in her ear
  • Why Kaylee tries to limit her media inputs
  • The designer jeans you'll never catch her wearing (and why they matter)

Give yourself the gift of an undistracted listen, because Kaylee drops pearls of wisdom at a rapid-fire rate—and you won't want to miss a single one!

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