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Podcast Episode Number: #061

Date Published: 04/13/2021

Episode Length: 48:33

Show Notes:

Photographer Michael Puck feels deeply indebted to the dog who saved his life. And his ambitious pay-it-forward plans, combined with decades of experience as a “people scientist,” have led to a dramatically different—but wildly successful—pet photography business model. What's more, he's inviting you, dear listener, to try it out for yourself.

What To Listen For:

  • Lessons learned from leading a Human Insights department
  • The incredible social catalyst effect of dogs (the stats are eye-opening!)
  • What it means to pull versus push when making sales
  • How to leverage your existing connections to avoid cold calling
  • The biggest obstacle standing between you and a $10,000 sale

To get a more in-depth look at how Michael—a self-described “average pet photographer”—has shot and sold massive wall-art installations (and increased his average sale by 400%), be sure to grab his free email course linked below!

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