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Podcast Episode Number: 032

Date Published: 09/22/2020

Episode Length: 42:24

Show Notes:

Buckle up, listeners! This week I welcome back my dear friend Heather Lahtinen, personal-development badass and coach inside Hair of the Dog's Elevate program. Today Heather and I talk about an affliction common to so many pet photographers: Imposter Syndrome. Find out exactly what it is, why it arises, and learn 10 powerful strategies for overcoming this limiting set of beliefs.

What To Listen For:

  • Why you need to say “yes” to opportunities before you're ready
  • The sneaky ways that Imposter Syndrome manifests in your work
  • One simple question that pushed Spanx founder Sara Blakely to succeed
  • How to develop a new mental script that better serves you
  • The photo album you absolutely need to create (and look at often)

Think you haven't fallen victim to Imposter Syndrome? You'll be surprised when you hear how many ways it disguises itself. No matter—with Heather's 10 helpful strategies, you'll be on your way to kicking self-doubt to the curb.

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