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Podcast Episode Number: #46

Date Published: 12/29/2020

Episode Length: 46:04

Show Notes:

The podcast addicts in the crowd might recognize the voice of this week's guest, Kirstie McConnell, co-host of Australia's Pet Photographers' Club podcast. After a whirlwind year (including marriage and an intercontinental move!), Kirstie shares—from her new home in an Italian olive grove—how she wound down one business and started a very different one.

What To Listen For:

  • Why Kirstie hates the “my business is my baby” philosophy
  • The forward-thinking decision to make when you're just starting out
  • An addiction you might be suffering from, without even realizing it
  • How COVID allowed Kirstie (and maybe you?) to reflect on a critical question
  • Her single best piece of advice for making your 2021 successful

And if you've resolved to take better physical care of yourself in the new year, you'll want to hear all about Kirstie's new endeavor—tailored specifically for you.

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