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Podcast Episode Number: #067

Date Published: 05/11/2021

Episode Length: 44:25

Show Notes:

067 – Guess who's back this week? Yep, listener favorite Heather Lahtinen! And in this episode, Heather shares with you her numero uno piece of productivity advice (calling it a “hack” doesn't really do it justice, tbh).

Set aside your skepticism and your I've-heard-it-all-before-ism. This is research-backed, and can improve your output by a whopping 300-500%. 😯 It's also an especially hard one for us as solo entrepreneurs to get right. But we believe in you—and we really, really want you to believe in yourself when it comes to this.

What To Listen For:

  • A straightforward fix for low-level stress and discontent
  • What messages your brain receives when you're out of integrity
  • The energetic shift that draws people toward you and your business
  • How eating Ben & Jerry's can lose you money (womp womp)
  • The 7 critical questions you should regularly ask yourself

Master this practice and watch your business—and your life—improve by leaps and bounds. And when that happens, I hope you'll tell us all about it!

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