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Podcast Episode Number: #059

Date Published: 03/30/2021

Episode Length: 43:50

Show Notes:

059 – Alex Vita of Foreground Web has been building websites exclusively for photographers for the past 13 years. And in that time, he's seen a lot of change. But the one constant—something that's about to get even more important with Google's upcoming algorithm change—is the need to write for actual human beings, not an army of bots.

This week, Alex joins me to talk about the common website and SEO mistakes photographers make, and how YOU can avoid them.

What To Listen For:

  • Why focusing too much on SEO is a big mistake
  • What blogging is and what it isn't—plus a long list of post ideas
  • How to help guide your readers with a lil' thing called “behavior flow”
  • The huge performance bottleneck you must avoid on your website
  • Why Alex prefers WordPress over Squarespace…
  • …and the common platform he's adamantly against

Cue up this latest episode for tons of actionable search-optimization tips!

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