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Podcast Episode Number: #053

Date Published: 02/16/2021

Episode Length: 45:49

Show Notes:

053 – For many of our listeners, it's hibernation season. Cold and dark out. Not so many clients calling. Which is why this time of year is also…conference season!

This week, Heather and I dish about the pitfalls of pet photography education, how to avoid getting stuck in the student trap, and what to do with all those amazing notes you've taken. We're also unveiling the SUPER exciting new project I've been working on, designed to help you get more done in four weeks than you have in the entire last year. BOOM!! 💥

What To Listen For:

  • Ideas for striking a balance between consumption and creation
  • Why we don't believe in right or wrong decisions
  • The common habit of the most successful people
  • Nicole's game-changer, and the reason Heather's kicking herself
  • The space you should leave in your notebooks—and how to fill it up

When it comes to moving your business forward, the only wrong way to do it is not to do it! So tune in for a great conversation about getting into action mode and accelerating your success.

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