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Podcast Episode Number: #029

Date Published: 09/01/2020

Episode Length: 25:55

Show Notes:

When it comes to creating artwork from our pet photography, most of us think of the usual suspects: Framed prints. Gallery-wrapped canvases. Metal prints. Acrylics.

But if we think outside the box and look around, there's a world of possibility out there. This week's guest, Mandi Pratt of Greyboy Pet Portraits, shares her process for creating stunning etched prints from photographic images. After listening to my conversation with Mandi, you'll start thinking about your suite of products in a whole new way. 

What To Listen For:

  • The advantage of having an artist for a grandma (yep, we're jealous!)
  • Using artwork to connect past and present pets
  • Ways to make an etching even more meaningful for grieving pet-parents
  • Other ideas for finding unique client offerings and building artist relationships

If seeing Mandi's vintage-look etchings leaves you salivating, you'll be happy to know that she offers both wholesale and affiliate programs for photographers. Aaaaand, she'll send you a sample etching for free—just reach out through the Contact link on her website (link below).

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