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Podcast Episode Number: #045

Date Published: 12/22/2020

Episode Length: 46:18

Show Notes:

How do you create a personal connection with potential new clients, when their inboxes are overflowing and they're unlikely to answer the phone? According to Australian photographer and podcast host Andrew Hellmich, the secret to standing out is video.

In this engaging episode, Andrew shares a long list of ideas, resources, and insider tricks for using video to boost your business. And don't worry—his ideas are as simple to execute as they are brilliant. Leave your DSLR on the shelf, and start leveraging the power of quick-and-easy videos to fill your calendar.

What To Listen For:

  • The importance of giving a face to your personal brand
  • A simple strategy to build relationships with local businesses
  • Who you should invite to crash your videos (your viewers will thank you!)
  • How to leverage short, simple videos to rank higher in search
  • What it means to use a “dog-whistle headline”
  • Ways to repurpose your video content for maximum mileage

After listening to this episode, there's no doubt you'll be convinced of the value of using video. But if you're feeling awkward or unsure about the execution side, you'll want to join Andrew's Daily Vlog Challenge. It's a safe space for getting comfy with video, and he's giving away spots to FIVE lucky winners! Be sure to listen 'til the end for details.

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