Inspire others.  Reward yourself.

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Inspire others. Reward yourself.

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Become a Hair of the Dog Academy Contributor!
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What is the Hair of the Dog Academy?

The Academy is the world’s largest pet photography community and our number one value is building connection while helping pet photographers improve their craft and grow their business.

Who are the Hair of the Dog Academy Contributors?

Academy contributors are pet photographers that are interested in helping others along their creative or business journey, which is rewarding in so many ways! Contributors who wish to teach classes on topics related to growing a business should be professional photographers and/or professional educators. Contributors wanting to teach a class on the art of pet photography can be either professional photographers or amateurs that want to share techniques that they have created.

What are the benefits of teaching inside the Hair of the Dog Community?

Helping others along their creative or business journey is rewarding in so many ways, from our innate desire to help others, continuing to learn ourselves, growing our following and even earning some cold, hard cash.
The benefits of being a Hair of the Dog Contributor are:
  • ~|check-square-o~|font-awesome~|outlineEarn a one-time payment of at least $500 for creating your class.
  • ~|check-square-o~|font-awesome~|outlineYou are eligible to become an affiliate for the Hair of the Dog Academy to earn reoccurring income from each student referred to the Academy.
  • ~|check-square-o~|font-awesome~|outlineContributors earn 20% affiliate commission.
  • ~|check-square-o~|font-awesome~|outlineThe affiliate commissions are earned on each payment that your referrals make - so you get paid again each month and each year that your referrals renew!
  • ~|check-square-o~|font-awesome~|outlineYou will have the opportunity to list your offerings, including any special offers, on your course page inside the Academy.
  • ~|check-square-o~|font-awesome~|outlineAssistance in creating your course materials and editing your course videos.
  • ~|check-square-o~|font-awesome~|outlineYou will be listed as a contributor on the Hair of the Dog website with an image, bio, and any links you wish.

How does it work?



Consider what you would like to share with the world – and then share your ideas with us.  You can access the contributor application form here.



Create your class.  We can handle the editing!  We will help you get set up to record your content, then we can take care of putting all of the material together.  From editing videos, to creating worksheets – we've got you covered!



Start earning.  In addition to affiliate earnings, your class will be available for purchase in the Hair of the Dog Academy store and you will earn 50% of all net profits from those sales.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Who can teach inside the Academy?

Anyone that has something valuable to share! While we request that anyone teaching business related topics have professional experience in the topic they are teaching, the only requirement to teach a craft-related class is mastery of the techniques that you wish to share.

What’s included in an Academy class?

It varies! The most common types of classes are screencasts, face to camera recording, or recording activities, such as shooting. Many courses may also include cheat sheets or downloads. If you would like to discuss options for your class, the Hair of the Dog team is happy to help.

Do you offer any help in creating the course materials?

Yes! We will give you suggestions for the best way to record and collect your raw materials, often with the technology that you already have on hand! If you do not want to edit your videos, our team is happy to do that for you. We can also design any checklists, cheat sheets, or downloads. There is no additional charge for this, part of our service to you to help you share your knowledge!

What should I teach?

Is there something that others often ask how you achieved it or ask for help for a particular skill? This is often an area that many others will find valuable as well! If you would like to discuss possibilities, the Hair of the Dog team is available to help!

Do I need to promote my classes?

You are not required to promote our classes, although if you would like to promote your class you can receive affiliate income. As an affiliate, we will provide you with marketing copy, images, as well as tools and ideas.

Do I keep ownership of my intellectual property?

Yes! Your content will always be YOUR content! By agreeing to be a Hair of the Dog Contributor you are simply licensing the use of your educational materials to be used inside Hair of the Dog Academy. There is also no exclusivity requirement, meaning you are still welcome to teach the content through other avenues.

How can I earn money?

You can earn income through the affiliate program as well as a lump sum payment when your class is created. The affiliate program is ongoing payments, meaning that you earn 20% of EVERY payment your referrals make – every single month or every single year! 

Is the earning rate flexible?

All contributors start at a 20% affiliate rate, but have the opportunity to earn more with additional content created for the Academy – up to a maximum rate of 40% affiliate commission.

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