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Will you succeed in pet photography?

Will you succeed in pet photography?

What is it?  Why does it seem that some people are successful in all that they do and others seem to struggle?  Why can a speaker give the exact same information to a room full of people and yet it will only make a true difference for a handful? I...

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Basic Leash Removal in Photoshop

Leash removal is one of the most common tasks that pet photographers are faced with in Photoshop.  Thankfully, there are approximately 1,001 ways to deal with that challenge.  While we won't be delving into all of those options today, we will be...

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Pricing your Photography with Costs of Goods Sold

Pricing your Photography with Costs of Goods Sold

What is the most important calculation that you can make when creating a photography business? It’s your COGS, or Costs of Goods Sold. If you aren’t pricing for profitability you will NOT be profitable, it’s as simple as that. It is imperative that...

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