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What gear does Nicole shoot with?

Nicole here!  I’m a Canon girl and I currently shoot with the 1dx Mark ii.  I definitely didn’t start with that camera though.  When I started my business I started with the Canon 7D and some nice glass – the 70-200 2.8 and the 24-70 2.8.  Throughout the years I’ve added on to my glass collection and moved up to the 5d mark ii around 2014.  I used that camera for about 5 years and almost 200,000 shutter counts before graduating to the 1dx.  Remember, the best camera is the one that you have with you and you don’t need the highest end gear to take great images.  If you want to see what I take to photo shoots, from gear to gadgets – check out my Amazon store where I list all of my favorite things.

I’m just getting started, where should I start?

Welcome to the start of a very exciting journey!  If you are new and wanting to get up to speed with the intricacies of working with animals –  may I recommend my book, “Pet and Horse Photography for Everybody”.  It’s a quick and easy read that will help you get more comfortable working with dogs, horses, and even cats – as well as discuss how to improve your photography with these subjects.  If you are ready to go a bit deeper, check out the Behind the Lens classes that are available on this site.  If you are ready to go all in and drink from a fire hose of pet photography education, joining the Hair of the Dog Academy will take you wherever you want to go!

I don’t have a business, is the Hair of the Dog Academy still worthwhile?

This is such a common question, and the answer is YES!  The business information in the Hair of the Dog Academy is incredibly comprehensive, but that is only one part of the Academy.  Over half of the content in the Academy is focused solely on the art of pet photography – from Kim Hartz’s Pet Photography EDU, to Nicole’s Behind the Lens series, to Post-Processing for Pet Photographers, Charlotte Reeve’s Critique Corner, and of course ALL of the incredible guest instructors.

Does Hair of the Dog cover working with horses too?

We sure do and have partnered with some of the industries leading equine photographers.  Shelley Paulson’s Quick Start Guide to Equestrian Photography is a fantastic resource to help you understand horse behavior, work safely around horses, learn tools of the trade and best practices, discover how to pose horse and rider, get the horses ears up, and how to capture connections…just to name a few!  You can find more details here.   

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