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Conversations with Nicole

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39 | Improve Your Pet Photography with Nicole Begley of Nicole Begley Photography

On this episode, I’m talking to a pet photographer who’s turned her expertise in that industry into an educational empire! I hope she doesn’t mind me referring to it that way, but when you build up a Facebook group to 8,000 members, I think you’re at empire status! We discuss photography tips, productivity apps, business advice and of course we talked about her rescue dog. If you’d like to improve your pet photography (either for business or as a hobby) then this episode will be super helpful!

018 Nicole Begley: Photographing Pets for Fun and Profit

Nicole is a successful pet photographer and teacher on how to be highly profitable doing what you love. In this episode, she shares her passion and skill photographing and selling gorgeous portraits of pets and their people.

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Mind Your Own Business: Nicole Begley Discusses Growing Her Pet Photography Business

Welcome to Mind Your Own Business, the podcast that helps photographers improve their business and their lives! Today, we chat with pet photographer Nicole Begley. Nicole discusses how she's grown her pet photography business over the years and great tips for aspiring pet photographers!

273: Nicole Begley – How to generate pet photography sales from silent auctions

In this interview, the focus is on utilising silent auctions to generate pet photography leads, bookings and sales. This strategy has been one of the most consistent producers of clients for Nicole and there's more to it than you might think. Nicole shares exactly which auctions to seek out and partner with, what to offer, how to make the most of your partnerships and ultimately, how to get great sales from these shoots with your perfect target clients – NOT freebie hunters.

the Beginner Photography Podcast

BPP 213: Nicole Begley – Pet Photography / Know Your Market

Nicole Begley is a Dog and Pet Photographer based in North Carolina. Today we talk about some of the challenges of photographing our four-legged friends and how to master your session. We also talk about the business side of pet photography and how to market to pet parents.

The Business of Photography

439 Nicole Begley – Pet Photography

Episode #439 of the podcast features an interview with Nicole Begley about the wonderful world of Pet photography

the Beginner Photography Podcast

Nicole Begley – Is Pet Photography A Growing Industry? Um, Yes!

On this episode of The Mike Cassidy Photography Podcast, I have a conversation with Nicole Begley of Hair Of The Dog. Nicole is a photographer, educator, author & podcast host. Nicole specializes in pet photography, and in this episode we have a detailed conversation about the fundamentals of building a profitable photography business, why starting out on the right foot is so important, creating brand alignment, and more! 

Photo Field Notes

Episode 158: How to Work with Dogs as a Photographer with Nicole Begley

In this episode, I'm talking with Nicole Begley from Hair of the Dog Academy. She specializes in pet photography and I'm excited for Nicole to share her experiences and some tips for us! 

the Beginner Photography Podcast

410: Nicole Begley – Why every photographer needs an email list and what to say to your subscribers

Nicole Begley of and is US based and specialises in pet and equine photography. Before professional photography in 2010, she spent 13 years working as a zoological animal trainer. She is the brains behind Hair of the Dog Academy, a platform for pet photographers. 

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