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I’m all about helping pet photographers achieve their wildest dreams – whether that’s honing their craft or building a thriving, six-figure+ business. From tried-and-true strategies and practical tips, to digging deep into the often-overlooked aspects of success, like mindset and personal growth.

Join me for actionable advice and fun, candid conversations that will inspire you to take your pet photography to the next level!  Scroll down to check out our latest podcasts, or click the button to listen on Apple Podcasts.

Most Recent Podcasts

Below you’ll find our most recent podcasts, starting with the most recently launched.

The Offline Photographer Ep. 5

The Offline Photographer Ep. 5

In this episode, host Heather Lahtinen and Laura Wombwell tackle the challenges of being an introverted photographer in an industry that thrives on social interaction. They also explore the mindset blocks surrounding discussions of money and pricing.

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From IG to Email Lists with Dayna Schaaf

From IG to Email Lists with Dayna Schaaf

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the realm of marketing automation and its incredible benefits for photographers. Whether you’re juggling multiple roles in your business or looking for effective ways to streamline your marketing efforts, this episode is packed with insights and practical advice.

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10 Thoughts that Hold Photographers Back Part 3

10 Thoughts that Hold Photographers Back Part 3

Today, we’re diving deep into these insecurities. We’ll debunk the myth that you need to be perfect to start charging, explore how to recognize the value you already offer, and discuss how to gauge market response to your pricing.

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The Offline Photographer Ep. 4

The Offline Photographer Ep. 4

This episode of the Freedom Focus Photography podcast, hosted by Heather Lahtinen, delves into the “Offline Photographer Challenge” introduced in episode 219. The challenge is part of the Elevate program, designed to help photographers enhance their in-person marketing strategies by engaging with their local community. Heather invites Laura Wombwell to share her experiences and insights on expanding marketing efforts through building relationships with other photographers.

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The Hair of the Dog Podcast is just another one of the amazing resources that Nicole Begley has created for pet photographers! Running a photography business is so much more than taking pretty pictures. Nicole and her guests share so much more on the HOD podcast, the information is truly invaluable!


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