Money Series

 with Nicole Begley and Heather Lahtinen

Hair of the Dog Podcast - Money Series

Listen to this once-a-month series that talks about moving past your money hangups and opening the door to more abundance into your life. Because who doesn’t want that?!

How We Sabotage Success with Heather Lahtinen

How We Sabotage Success with Heather Lahtinen

This week, Heather Lahtinen and I wrap up our 6-part series on moving past your money hangups and opening the door to more abundance in your life. In this episode we share a dozen real-world examples of financial self-sabotage, and discuss how to dismantle those behaviors.

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Heather’s Money Mayhem

Heather’s Money Mayhem

This week, Heather walks you through a recent real-life example of putting mindset principles into action—so we can all learn some valuable lessons from her crazy-brain train.

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Upgrading your Life with Heather Lahtinen

Upgrading your Life with Heather Lahtinen

In this episode, we’re talking about your relationship to money, how your environment affects your mindset, and simple ways to shift your energy through small, incremental upgrades…like ditching those holey, stretched-out underoos for something better.

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