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Are you ready to grow your business so that you can finally live the life of YOUR design? At the Hair of the Dog Podcast, we help pet photographers make more money.

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Business Pillar 1 – Legal and Admin

Business Pillar 1 – Legal and Admin

Today I’m kicking off a six-week solo series covering the six pillars of your pet photography business. This week, I’m talking you through the legal and administrative side of things, which admittedly isn’t the most exciting part of pet photography.

Managing our Mind with Jessica McGovern

Managing our Mind with Jessica McGovern

Award-winning dog photographer Jessica McGovern is no stranger to depression and self-doubt. Our conversation this week is remarkably funny, given the topic at hand. Jessica has some deep wisdom and actionable strategies to share.

Overwhelm is a Choice

Overwhelm is a Choice

This week’s podcast is about recognizing the signs of overwhelm, mindfully assessing the situation, and making a plan for moving forward.

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Welcome to Hair of the Dog Pet Photography Resources. The #1 educational resource for aspiring and established pet photographers.

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