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Podcast Episode Number: #001

Date Published: 03/03/2020

Episode Length: 13:26

Show Notes:

#001 – Welcome to the first episode of the Hair of the Dog Podcast!  Your host, Nicole Begley, shares her story and looks at the areas that procrastination pops up in her business – and then gets to the bottom of what that means!

Maybe you can relate, you’ve scrolled through Instagram, scanned your inbox and had a little snack. Then the dog finagled another walk—how could you say no to those pleading eyes? In other words, you’re doing everything but that one important thing you keep putting off.

So what exactly is procrastination, and how can we better overcome it? That’s the topic of our inaugural Hair of the Dog podcast, a new resource by pet photographer and business coach Nicole Begley, designed to help pet photographers of all levels improve their craft and earn more money.

What To Listen For:

  • What’s really happening when you avoid an uncomfortable task?
  • What can you learn from paying attention to your own judgments about others?
  • Why do we often procrastinate on the very things that will move us closer to our goals?
  • How can self-inquiry help you push through procrastination?

Stay tuned for the end—the whole episode’s less than 14 minutes—where I’ll share what the Hair of the Dog podcast has in store and what you can expect from future episodes.

Oh, and spoiler alert: That thing that you’ve been reluctant to tackle? You can totally handle it. I promise!

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