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Podcast Episode Number: #004

Date Published: 03/10/2020

Episode Length: 34:16

Show Notes:

One of the things pet photographers often tell me is that they just need to develop more confidence. With more confidence, they’d put themselves out there, start booking clients, and finally build the pet photography business they’ve dreamed of. Sound familiar?  

In this episode, award-winning photographer and teacher Heather Lahtinen joins me to call BS on this line of thought. Learn why it’s not actually confidence you’re after, and how to reframe your thinking around improving your craft. 

What To Listen For: 

  • The difference between comparison and inspiration, and inspiration vs. copying
  • How a lack of confidence can lead to unhappy customers
  • The importance of determining your core values
  • How feeling stressed out is actually a gift
  • Why you need to master the art of taking terrible photographs 🙂 

Hear how to outsmart your self-sabotaging brain, shift your focus away from lack, and build a business—and a life!—that’s aligned with your deepest values. 

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