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Podcast Episode Number: #005

Date Published: 03/17/2020

Episode Length: 20:44

Show Notes:

Repeat after me: I can get paid well while doing work that I love!

Determining prices for your pet photography business often feels like throwing a dart at the wall. Are you charging too much? Too little? Will you ever land one of those four-figure sales you see other photographers talking about on Facebook??

This episode covers how to approach your pricing strategy, and how to think about the value you're offering potential customers. Whether you're looking to shoot high-volume, low-cost or take on only the occasional high-end client, it's important to be deliberate in creating your pricing model and the business structure that supports it.

What To Listen For:

  • How to avoid the common pricing mistake most photographers make
  • What “brand alignment” means, and why it’s critical for your business
  • Why creating amazing images isn’t enough to justify high prices
  • One super-simple way to increase your perceived value

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