10 Thoughts that Hold Photographers Back Part 2

In this episode, we're continuing our exploration of the common excuses photographers make that stall their progress. 
Launched on April 16, 2024

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Podcast Episode Number: #238

Date Published: 04/16/2024

Episode Length: 35:32

Show Notes:

238 – Welcome back to the Freedom Focus Photography Podcast! In this episode, we're continuing our exploration of the common excuses photographers make that stall their progress.

Heather Lahtinen joins us once again as we call BS on these all-too-familiar myths. Whether it’s the size of your audience, your personal skills in sales, or misconceptions about what clients value, we’re here to break down these barriers.

Join us as we tackle more of these limiting beliefs, empowering you to push past the excuses and thrive in your photography business. Let’s dive in and debunk these myths together!

What To Listen For:

1. I need a bigger audience first: Debunking the myth that success is solely dependent on having a large following or email list before you can effectively market your services.

2. I'm not good at sales and marketing: Challenging the belief that you are inherently bad at sales or marketing, emphasizing that these are skills that can be learned and improved with practice and education.

3. Clients only care about digital files, not prints or albums: Addressing the misconception that clients are only interested in digital products and showing how diverse client preferences can be, including a demand for physical products like prints and albums.

4. I just need to find the right marketing trick: Dispelling the notion that there is a single, magical marketing trick that will solve all business challenges, encouraging a more holistic and consistent approach to marketing strategies.

5. I need to perfect my skills before I can charge more (or at all): Overcoming the belief that you need to reach a level of perfection in your skills before you can justify charging appropriately for your services. This myth will be discussed in more detail in the next episode.

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