Are DSLRs Dead with Robby from YM Camera

Are DSLRs dead? If you ask Robby Yankush, of YM Camera in Youngstown, Ohio, you're going to hear the straight talk.
Launched on June 6, 2023

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Podcast Episode Number: #195

Date Published: 06/06/2023

Episode Length: 40:45

Show Notes:


195 – DSLRs are dead. Long live the DSLR!


Are DSLRs dead? If you ask Robby Yankush, of YM Camera in Youngstown, Ohio, you're going to hear the straight talk.


They might not be dead yet but we can hear the death knell ringing in the distance.


This week's episode of the Hair of the Dog podcast features a replay of Gear Talk with Robby, a member's only workshop with Robby Yankush, of YM Camera in Youngstown, Ohio.


Robby and I dig into all the hype around mirrorless camera bodies and why they've become the hottest selling thing since … well, since DSLRs came on the scene.


What to listen for  

4:25 What Nikon and Canon have stopped developing

13:09 The best mirrorless body for pet photography

20:03 Why you might want to stretch your initial budget

27:42 The difference in dynamic range from DSLR to mirrorless

29:34 Is Godox really all that and a bag of chips


Even though I've made the switch to mirrorless with my R5, I've been holding onto my EF lenses and using Canon's adaptor. However, after this conversation, Robby is making me give serious consideration to taking the leap and going all-in.


What about you? Are you hanging on to your DSLR for a while longer? Or have you dipped your toes into mirrorless?


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