Don’t Listen to This!

This week's episode was recorded specifically to tell you...don't listen to this week's podcast!
Launched on September 13, 2022

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Podcast Episode Number: 00000

Date Published: 09/13/2022

Episode Length: 6:58

Show Notes:

This week's episode was recorded specifically to tell you…don't listen to this week's podcast!

Today is the first day of our live Hair of the Dog Summit online, so we're currently over there, soaking up all the trainings from our fantastic summit speakers. Won't you come join us?

What To Listen For:

  • Creating Dreamy Dog Portraits with Monica van der Maden
  • Editing Commercial Quality Studio Images with Ewan Cheyne
  • Secrets to the Mythical 5-Figure Client with Karinda Kinsler
  • How to create a Marketing Plan in 60 Minutes with Mark Rossetto
  • Unleashing Expression in your Dog Photography with Charlotte Reeves and Craig Turner-Bullock
  • …and more!

But if you're late to the party and the live summit's already over, don't worry. You can purchase all the recordings here, to keep forever and listen to at your leisure!

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